Claude Mollard

Evry Cathedral Publication date : April 1, 1996

May 2, 1996 will mark the official inauguration of the Cathedral of Evry, the only French cathedral to be erected in this century.What is the meaning behind the construction of a cathedral in France in the late 20th century? What are the reasons for this architectural structure, this ensemble of signs and ritual objects, this deliberately multi functional building? How can the same mysterious spirit of faith that filled those who built Notre Dame be found here? These are among the questions that author Claude Mollard had not yet considered when he was asked to supervise the construction of a cathedral in the new town of Evry.Rich in color illustrations, Claude Mollard's book introduces the reader to an astonishing adventure. By unveiling the blueprint of a project that mobilized ministers, bishops and other religious representatives as well as artists and the faithful, the author reveals the secrets of the Evry cathedral, its delays, eventual financing, why the bishop of Munich stepped forward to underwrite a portion of the work, the reasons why an Art Center was integrated into the design, and why the Christ figure over thealtar is African.Claude Mollard retraces how architects, artists and financiers progressively became captivated by the project and then were guided by nature itself in meeting the challenge set before them.Finally, this book leads the reader to reflect upon the signs and symbols present in our towns and the relationship between art and spirituality.A magistrate in the Audit Office, Claude Mollard specializes in the management of cultural projects. After supervising the construction of Beaubourg in Paris, he served as the secretary general of the Pompidou center. From 1982 1986 he was a plastic arts delegate at the Ministry of Culture, prior to accepting the role of chief supervisor of the construction of the cathedral at Evry.