Ricardo Bofill, Nicolas Véron

Urban Architecture Publication date : April 1, 1995

In this book illustrated with pictures and plans, Ricardo Bofill and Nicolas Veron travel through the districts and the story of our cities. Their observation is worrying: we prefer older towns. Inhospitable, deteriorated by the architectural mistakes of the last 30 years, our cities have become ugly and the favorite place for exclusion. The goal of the authors is clear: to elaborate a general strategy for cities, to think of a town as a place in the service of its inhabitants. Their reflexion in the heart of cities is a plea for a sensitive town.

Ricardo Bofill is an architect, and has designed the Taller de Arquitectura in Barcelona, in addition to other famous buildings in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Montpellier, and new French towns.

Nicolas Veron is a former pupil of the École polytechnique, and is now an engineer for the Corps des Mines.