Élisa Brune, Paul Qwest

Life as an Event What Art and Science Expand in Us Publication date : August 28, 2019

Élisa Brune (1966-2018), novelist, essayist and scientific journalist. A best-selling author: Le Secret des femmes, co-authored with Yves Ferroul, La Révolution du Plaisir féminin, Labo Sexo – Bonnes Nouvelles du Plaisir féminin.
Paul Qwest is an art historian, writer, curator, and collector.
Knowing how to dare, daring to know
What is knowing, what is really knowing, today? Isn’t the foremost act of daring that of reading whatever you want? To be transported beyond our own small worlds, to be at least surprised, even transformed by minds other than our own – this is what this collection of 66 strokes of genius in the arts and sciences presents here. They infuse Horace’s injunction – “dare to know” – with completely new meaning.

Offering astonishing scientific discoveries, foundational artistic adventures, and quotes from writers, this philosophical work offers possible paths for an initiatory journey. Here we find assembled together the experiences of artists and scientists who shed light on the questions raised by the entire human adventure. Full of curiosity, ingeniousness, the tragic and the comic, they invite us into the art of questioning, “to get [our] minds moving.”