Jean-Pierre Changeux

Passions of the Spirit Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Paintings in the Changeux Collection Preface by Pierre Rosenberg. Publication date : May 25, 2006

Since 1983, the Bossuet Museum, in Meaux, France, has been the recipient of regular donations of antique paintings from Professor Jean-Pierre Changeux, whose collection contains, for the most part, French seventeenth- and eighteenth-century paintings by artists who played a major role in French art history, such as Jacques Stella, Claude Vignon, Noël Coypel, Antoine Rivalz and the Le Nain brothers.
This book, which is the catalogue of an exhibition of Annie and Jean-Pierre Changeux’s collection, presents 43 paintings on religious and mythological subjects and offers an important guide to our understanding of the period.

Approximately 130 full-colour illustrations.
Detailed commentaries on each painting by Jean-Claude Boyer.

Contributions by Cordelia Hattori, art historian; Anne-Édith Maillard, curator of the Bossuet Museum; Nicole Rouillé, musician and theatre director.

Curators of the exhibition: Jean-Claude Boyer, art historian and research fellow at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), and Jean-Pierre Changeux, neurobiologist, member of the French Academy of Sciences and member of the Institute.
Jean-Pierre Changeux is the author of Raison et plaisir (1994), L’Homme de vérité (2002) and La Lumière au siècle des Lumières (2005).