Laurence Ostolaza

On the Advantage of Being Born A Love Affair Publication date : May 28, 2015

Laurence Ostolaza is a television journalist specialising in health issues.

Camille is a 40-year-old lawyer who lives with Paul, a well-known lawyer. Camille loves her active, stimulating, affluent life, but she feels she is missing something: she would do anything to have a child. Although reluctant at first, Paul finally agrees — but nothing happens.
So they begin their journey into the world of medically assisted procreation, with its complex and constraining rules, disappointments and anxiety. And then finally she becomes pregnant — a pregnancy that is not as carefree or happy as she had hoped, but that is in any case the beginning of a long journey. And of many surprising plot turns.
Some of the topics dealt with here: Is the maternal feeling innate or acquired? Is the mother-child attachment a gift, a form of alienation, an emotionally charged bond? Is accepting to give birth to a disabled child an act of love or a calling? Why are some people more resilient than others? Does society really accept children with special needs?

• A modern tale that puts into perspective some major issues concerning medically assisted procreation and the family.
• A new approach through fiction of some controversial social issues.