René deSaint-Jean

Tomorrow, You Will Be Immortal Publication date : February 13, 2019

René de Saint-Jean is a French-Irish author.
Immortality: a dream or a nightmare?

“We are both still alive because we are potentially immortal. They’ve tested me. The Triple Process of survival flows in me, I think it must be the same for you. It’s probably Lise’s farewell gift: the famous elixir of very long life she was talking about the day before she left.”

An intriguing story in the worthy tradition of authors of tales of anticipation and science fiction that deal with the eradication of death, the secret of immortality, and the emergence of a new society.

If the age-old human desire for immortality is achieved, it raises a question: immortality for whom? At what price? What would be the consequences of such a profound change for the future of humankind? What type of society would be put in place?

Is immortality desirable? This mystery novel invites us to reflect on transhumanism.