Élisa Brune

Magic Thoughts 50 stimulating life stories that teach the art of happiness and joie de vivre Publication date : January 17, 2013

An essayist and science journalist, Élisa Brune is the author of the bestseller Le Secret des femmes, which sold more than 40,000 copies. This is the book that changed the way female sexuality is discussed in the European media; it was followed by La Révolution du plaisir féminin, which was also a major success. In addition, Brune is the author of several novels and has received in 2011 the Thyde Monnier book price by la Société des Gens de Lettres.

Some 50 life stories and narratives illustrating positive thinking and advocating the art of happiness in the here-and-now.

How to step outside the box of petty daily habits and prejudices that lock us into our obsessions with the various dysfunctions in our lives; how to distance ourselves from life-stifling triviality.

Élisa Brune aims to inject a measure of freedom into our compartmentalised existences, so as to enable us to lead more fulfilling lives. She urges us to question our certainties, to open our minds to new horizons, to envisage other possible choices and to become the person we could be.

Brune proposes to renew the often dated, rigid thinking that guides and determines our attitudes.

• 50 stories illustrating existential thinking that are both light-hearted and profound.

• The modernisation of psychology through creative moments.

• A breath of fresh air and an incentive to self-reinvention.