Daniel Sibony

Shakespeare Publication date : August 31, 2022

Daniel Sibony studied mathematics and physics before becoming a writer and psychoanalyst. He is the author of over 40 books, including, from Editions Odile Jacob: Don de soi ou partage de soi ?, Lectures bibliques, De l’identité à l’existence and, most recently, Le Grand Malentendu. Islam, Israël, Occident. He is also the author of several works on the theater, including Le jeu et la passe.

Shakespeare’s 34 plays laid the groundwork for a theater of human passions, an immense epic to which Daniel Sibony applies a psychoanalytic gaze. His first book on the topic, Avec Shakespeare, focused on twelve major plays. In this masterful and gratifying clear follow-up, he examines the entirety of Shakespeare’s theatrical works.

Shakespeare’s plays, driven by the actors’ performance, scrutinize human nature and excite tensions that Sibony teases out and renders explicit. Desire, narcissism, confrontation with the self: the central themes of this maelstrom of passion are as relevant today as they were 400 years ago.