France Schott-Billmann

Therapy through Rhythmic Dance Healing through dance Publication date : June 24, 2020

France Schott-Billmann is a psychoanalyst, dance therapist, and dance instructor. She teaches dance therapy in the Master d’art-thérapie program at the Paris-Descartes university. She has published two books with Odile Jacob: the well-received Le Besoin de danser, and Le Féminin et l’amour de l’autre.
What happens in the body of someone who dances? Where does this human need for rhythm come from? What vibration, what resonance do they seek? And in what ways does dance act on the body and the mind? What are its benefits?
In this book, France Schott-Billmann explores the mechanisms of this both inner and physical experience, as closely as possible to the movement that animates us when we follow rhythmic music, whether when we experience collective dance, such as Techno dancing, or in healing dance rituals. Because dancing is also a therapy with very ancient rules of practice.
Dance is not just an art; its benefits on the body and mind are recognized. This book reveals the secrets of rhythmic dance therapy and of trance as it is practiced today. It invites the reader to discover what happens in the brain of the dancer when he or she resonates with the rhythm of a piece of music: states of modified consciousness and trance.
A book aimed at anyone interested in dance, those who don’t want to “dance like an idiot,” or at those seeking alternative, non-verbal therapies, to reconnect with themselves and with others.