Jean Abitbol

Woman’s Voice Publication date : February 6, 2019

Dr. Jean Abitbol, is an ENT physician, pathologist, and cervicofacial surgeon. For more than 30 years he has devoted his scientific and surgical career to the human voice. Enthralled by the mystery of the human voice, he has developed innovative diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.

Understanding the specificities of the female voice and caring for it

Each woman has a different voice. The voice is the imprint, the signature of the personality. Doesn’t it vary in function of the emotions we are feeling? The reflection of the soul, it also bears vital power, and the power of female seduction.

But more than that of a man, a woman’s voice evolves and changes in the course of her life.

How does it appear? What is the role of genetics? Why is a voice gendered? What is the influence of pitch? The voice of a woman, a feminine voice, a transgender voice – what does this mean?

All these questions are addressed in this book, conceived as a great voyage into the universe of the female voice, a book whose objective is to better understand its characteristics, linked to the hormonal cycle, and better protect it from any harm.