Élisa Brune

A Heavy Heart Reflections on Cioran Publication date : August 25, 2011

Elisa Brune is a science journalist and a novelist. She is the co-author of the highly successful Le Secret des femmes (35,000 copies sold) and the author of several novels including La Tentation d’Edouard, La Tournante and Petite révision du ciel.

Halfway between literature and philosophy, this moving text inspired by Cioran aims to identify existential suffering — a form of suffering that can neither be overcome nor kept at bay by distractions. Blending aphorisms, scenes from daily life and short dialogues, Elisa Brune reflects on events from ordinary existence to evoke what Cioran has to offer us.
Using a variety of approaches (poetry, the absurd, humour), she has succeeded with great talent and sincerity in endowing a universal theme with a moving and highly contemporary expression.

• Drawing on daily life, an existential “how-to” of Cioran’s theories.

• 2011 commemorates the centenary of Cioran’s birth.