Éric Nataf

The Hidden Son of the Moon Publication date : September 9, 2018

Éric Nataf is the author of several novels published by Odile Jacob. His bestsellers Autobiographie d’un virus, followed by Le Mal par le mal, have been translated in several countries and have established him as one of the new masters of the thriller in France. Eric Nataf is also a doctor, radiologist and head of teaching at the Cochin Hospital in Paris.
What would happen if a human being were born on the moon and for his entire life experienced only weightlessness? What would he look like? Could he still be described as Homo sapiens?
This is the question Éric Nataf asks in this scientific thriller. Fate has not been kind to Abel, the extra-terrestrial. His mother was a serial killer who had terrorized the American coasts, and his father was a former Nazi; Abel was born during a secret space journey. Secret for good reason... His mother Herma’s death sentence had been commuted into an experimental sentence: a one-way space voyage to the moon.
Up there, nothing happens as expected. Abel grows up, he scarcely looks human. He will survive almost everything, and will develop special abilities, notably a sixth sense unknown on Earth, the ability to read others’ thoughts, and take control of them. Horrified by his mother’s fate, he nurtures a growing and implacable hatred for humanity. His talent makes him a dangerous individual, but his power to wreak havoc remains minimal… as long as he remains on his planet. Because who would want, seventy years later, to bring him back to Earth?