Caroline Rebstock

Amber Is Informed Publication date : February 24, 2011

Caroline Rebstock is a communications adviser, specialising in communications strategies for players in the health sector. She also works in crisis prevention and management. L’Annonce faite à Amber is her first novel.

Amber Materson, a young woman in her thirties, learns from a journalist that she is endowed with unique scientific properties: her blood contains stem cells still at the embryonic stage. When Materson begins investigating her medical history, she discovers that she had leukaemia as a young child and was spontaneously cured. Then the journalist who informed her is killed and she narrowly escapes being kidnapped. She realises that she represents a treasure trove for biotechnical trusts.

Although she is under the protection of Inspector Menklaert, the head of the investigation into the failed kidnapping attempt to whom she has become increasingly close, a new attempt to kidnap her succeeds...