Éric Nataf

Autobiography of a Virus Publication date : August 27, 2004

"We are primitive. We are ancient. We were here before you. We will survive you. We are predators. We know how to sow death and chaos in the course of our encounters."
So speak the viruses in this scientific novel which tells the tale of Max Journo, a young doctor who, despite himself, gets involved in a crazy scientific investigation that turns into a nightmare. Why is human sperm losing its fertility? Why is the incidence of strange malformations rising? Is humanity in the process of mutating? Have humans unknowingly become the prey of the most powerful virus that has ever existed? To solve this enigma, Max Journo will have to delve deep inside himself and engage in a merciless struggle to try to save humanity. The reader follows every suspense-filled step of Max’s investigations in a hallucinatory diary recorded by the virus.
The questions raised in this novel lie at the heart of some major contemporary health concerns and anxieties. But is this autobiography of a virus simply a literary tour de force, or a cautionary tale?

Eric Nataf is a physician and radiologist.