Éric Nataf

Autobiography of a Virus Publication date : April 17, 2008

“We are primitive. Primitive. We were here before you. We will survive you. We are predators. We know how to spread death and chaos in the course of our encounters.”

Who is the invisible enemy that threatens humanity? That is what the young Doctor Max Journo must find out, when he becomes unwittingly involved in a fantastic scientific investigation that turns into a nightmare.

The reader follows each step of Journo's investigation through the hallucinatory diary kept by the creator of a deadly virus. After tracking down the killer, Journo must engage in a merciless struggle for the survival of humanity.

The issues raised by this powerful novel lie at the heart of contemporary health concerns and anxieties.

“An alert and captivating book.” Le Monde des livres

“A powerful, well-paced plot.” La Recherche

Eric Nataf is a physician, radiologist and sonographer specialising in gynaecology. He is in charge of teaching at Hôpital Cochin, in Paris. Autobiographie d'un virus is his first novel.