Sébastien Bohler

Mind Wars Publication date : October 13, 2011

A graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique and a doctor in neurobiology, Sébastien Bohler is the editor in chief of Cerveau et psycho.

Truth serums, electric shocks, electrode implants: these methods of mind manipulation, used in espionage, are rapidly becoming obsolete. In their quest for the perfect weapon, intelligence analysts have now turned to the study of the latest publications in the neurosciences.
For them, the mind is the new Eldorado. Soon, they hope to be able to slip nanoparticles into the human body and then activate them from a distance — but first they must figure out how to make those nanoparticles mass around the right cells, in order to produce the desired effect.
It seems that Fabien Hassler, a young researcher from Heidelberg, has found out how to do this. But swamped with work on his thesis, he hasn’t yet realised what his findings may lead to. And he can’t understand why the Curie Institute unexpectedly offers him a fabulous, high-paying job. When he accepts the offer, Hassler unknowingly finds himself at the centre of an international war whose gaol is global mind control. But who is pulling the strings?

• What if the latest research on the brain could be turned into a weapon to manipulate minds?
• Neurobiology and nanotechnologies encounter the murky world of espionage in this suspense-filled thriller.