Karine Alavi

Over-Living Publication date : June 1, 2022

Karine Alavi is a neurologist at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris. She is also the author of Pitié, a scientific thriller. In Ambre et moi, she combines the art of suspense and psychology with her in-depth knowledge of human beings and what drives them.

“I was a woman to read. But men weren’t really interested in reading, they didn’t like to decipher, they liked to see, detail, look and watch.”

Solveig’s life is turned upside down after an emotional trauma. How did she end up here? She thinks back to the chain of events that led to this moment. One year ago, she had a happy and well-balanced life, with a job as a doctor, her husband Bertrand and their three sons. Then, one day, a new neighbour burst into their lives. Ambre, a young, divorced artist, with a chaotic past. She is as extraverted, free and daring as Solveig is reserved, calm and responsible. The two women, who seem so different on the surface, form a strong friendship.
But suddenly, her everyday life is disrupted and darkened. What happened?
Beneath the surface of a banal story, the tension rises quickly. A mysterious monologue sets the tone from the very first pages. Others follow, woven into the narrative, dropping – real or false - clues. A story about passion, betrayal, blood and maybe a crime.