Jean-Marc Cosset

Radium Girl Publication date : September 5, 2013

Jean-Marc Cosset is a radiotherapist and a professor at Institut Curie, in Paris. He is the author of Paname Sniper, published by Editons Odile Jacob.

1927, East Coast, U.S.A.: Five female factory workers, who became ill after painting watches with radium paint, sue their employer, the U.S. Radium Corporation. The press calls them ‘The Radium Girls’. By the time the case is heard, several of the workers have died of radium poisoning. But with the aid of expert defence lawyers and dishonest tactics, U.S. Radium manages to clear its name, and the judge awards the workers a pittance in compensation.
Based on these historical events, which demonstrate the irresponsible use of radium in its early days, Jean-Marc Cosset has woven a work of fiction to create a riveting thriller.
1930: Orange, New Jersey: One of the five Radium Girls is killed in a car crash while driving with the son of the president of U.S. Radium. A strange series of accidents seems to have struck the defendants who helped U.S. Radium get off scot-free. Dishonest lawyers, corrupt scientists, doctors who commit perjury: they all took part in the radium cover-up and radium will kill them all.
The four remaining factory workers become suspects. But as it turns out the investigation is much more complex than Chad Chadwick, the local police inspector, believed at first…

• A thriller inspired by events in Depression-era America, with a host of historical figures: Al Capone, Marie Curie, Sacco and Vanzetti, King Vidor and George Gershwin. An exciting tale of blood, love and radium!