Émile Biasini

About Malraux The Man Who Loved Cats Publication date : September 1, 1999

Who was André Malraux? Great seducer, superb orator, actor, and master of his own actions, he was above all enormously ambitious, consumed by a sole passion – the pursuit of power. “The General has but one successor : myself. The only thing is, I can’t tell him that,” he confided to his son, in 1958.
Just like the cats he loved so much, to whom tradition accords nine lives, Malraux was a man of many parts and many changes, who brutally broke ties with even his closest collaborators, without giving any explanations. Émile Biasini himself had this bitter experience in 1966. Now, more than thirty years later, he paints a portrait of the author of L’Espoir that is intimate without giving concessions, clarifying little-known facets of this fascinating man.

Émile Biasini participated actively in the creation of the Ministry of Culture under de Gaulle.