Aldo Naouri

Bits of Existence Publication date : March 6, 2019

Aldo Naouri, a well-known pediatrician, is also the author of Les Filles et leurs Mères; Éduquer ses enfants; Les Pères et les Mères; L’enfant bien portant; and Entendre l’enfant, [any in English?] all of which have been best-sellers.

The story of a doctor who has devoted his life to taking care of children.

In this very personal work, Aldo Naouri becomes a story-teller to share with us his experiences which have been indelibly inscribed in his memory due to the emotions they elicited.

In this book, an exploration of memories, Aldo Naouri opens an intimate door onto the turning points of his youth that marked the small child he was, then fashioned the man and the physician he became. Those repressed experiences, whose deep meaning one understands only a long time afterwards, which explain how one has become what one is.

Aldo Naouri here undertakes this work of memory. Throughout his life he listened to, took care of children, granting special importance to a search for meaning and the weight of family histories on life journeys.