André Miquel

Chateaubriand’s Memoires from Beyond the Grave Selections chosen and presented by André Miquel Publication date : October 3, 2018

Professor at the Collège de France, where he was also general administrator, André Miquel is the author of L’Événement (1992), D’Arabie et d’Islam (1992), and Deux histoires d’amour: Majnûn et Tristan (1996) (all published by Éditions Odile Jacob; and Tristan et Iseult, published by Josepth Bédier.
The most beautiful excerpts from Memoires from Beyond the Grave
On the 250th birthday of the great nineteenth-century writer, André Miquel invites us to read or to rediscover the most beautiful passages from Memoires from Beyond the Grave, a founding work of Romanticism and Modernity.
The reader will discover in these chosen excerpts why the work is considered one of the greats.
Chateaubriand saw the world in which he was born radically transformed; today, our society is experiencing mutations that sometimes leave us unmoored. The writer’s views on his time are extremely astute.
Didn’t people in the nineteenth century, and don’t those of the twenty-first, struggle with the same fears, the same questions, the same outbursts, the same hopes?
From the need to reread one of the greatest French writers, a masterful witness of his time. A great reading experience.