Colin Powell, Joseph E. Persico

My American Journey Translated from the English (United States) by Michèle Garène, Jacqueline Henry, Claire Joly, Jean-Paul Mourlon, and Jean-Jacques Pedussand. With the collaboration of Joseph E. Persico. Publication date : October 1, 1995

Colin Powell is the incarnation of the American dream. Born of Jamaican parents, he lived a tough urban life before embarking on a brilliant career in the army, then at Washington. The rest is history. The man who was once at the head of the United State’s Armed Forces, and is today one of the most important figures in American politics recounts his progression in life : from the dangers of Vietnam to the garrisons of Korea, from the deep South to the corridors of the Pentagon and then the White House, under Reagan and Bush, at the time of the “Star Wars”, Irangate, and the Gulf War.

With the collaboration of Joseph E. Persico.