Jacques Chirac

My Combat for France Publication date : March 23, 2007

“Ever since the French people called me to the presidency of the Republic, all my actions have been aimed at adapting our model to the transformations and to the vast challenges of our times, without compromising what constitutes our specificity. I have wished to show that the French path to globalisation is unique and in harmony with what we are.

“We must rally together if we are to continue being simultaneously the land of social cohesion and of economic dynamism. We must carry on the combat for the environment, which is the great battle for the future — our own, our children’s and, indeed, the future of all humankind.

“This century will see some extraordinary developments. And I am convinced that France will be in the first ranks. We are a very great country. It was in France that some of the major expressions of thought, letters, arts and universal rights first came to light. Our history, which is anchored in the distant past, is a force for the future.

“France’s greatness lies also in its espousal of tolerance: the respect of each and every one. Extremism, racism, and discrimination of any nature are perversions of the soul, crimes against reason. Regardless of skin colour, descent and beliefs, all the children of France, all our children, are the sons and daughters of the Republic,” writes Jacques Chirac.

Gathered here in this book for the first time are all of President Jacques Chirac’s major texts and speeches relating to French domestic policies. A previously unpublished foreword introduces the work.