Jacques Chirac

My Combat for Peace Publication date : March 23, 2007

“I have always been very much aware of France’s unique position in the world. France is the depository of a vision, of values, of a humanist ideal that are part of its Enlightenment heritage, and which it brings to the heart of the world’s problems. Today, as in the past, France wishes to be the messenger of universal values.

“Conducting France’s foreign policy in the twenty-first century means carrying out a comprehensive political plan.

“I have watched over France to ensure that it remains vigilant and committed to peace; that it continues to provide new responses to political, economic, social, cultural and environmental issues — issues that must now be solved on a worldwide scale. I have made sure that French actions have been respectful of other nations, peoples and cultures, whose diversity constitutes, more than ever before, an undisputed treasure for the world,” writes Jacques Chirac

Gathered here in this book for the first time are all of President Jacques Chirac’s major texts and speeches relating to international relations. A previously unpublished foreword introduces the work.