Jean-Claude Carrière

To Life! Publication date : September 1, 2021

A screenwriter, playwright, writer, Jean-Claude Carrière is the author of best-sellers such as Einstein, s’il vous plaît [Einstein, Please]; Fragilité [Fragility]; Tous en scène [Everyone on Stage]; Croyance [Belief]; La Paix [Peace]; and La Vallée du Néant [The Valley of Nothingness].

This work is the latest conversation to which Jean-Claude Carrière invites us. It begins like a leisurely stroll with the mention of fine wine and the good life, in which the author’s southern roots, close to nature, are evident. But it is as a citizen of the world that he casts his gaze on the questions to which we have been confronted by the three crises -- health, ecological, and economic -- we are experiencing. This reflection on the future of the planet is accompanied by a more intimate meditation on the cycle of human life, its finiteness, but also on how urgent it is to consider the means available to save our world. What do we want for our planet, Jean-Claude Carrière seems to ask in this heartfelt text, as if he is issuing a philosophical challenge, offering an urgent invitation to address the issue: “We have won our age-old battle against nature, but we have become lost along the way. We find there are too many of us, far too many, in the midst of a “nature” that is finally dominated – we believe – certainly apparently conquered, but which is decaying, rendered fragile, and soon depleted. How can we remedy this?”