Federico Mayor, Jérôme Bindé

A New World Publication date : September 1, 1999

Will the human race survive the next century ? Or is it threatened by a “demographic bomb”? Will there be enough food to feed the planet ? Can poverty be eradicated ? Are we moving towards a widespread form of urban apartheid ? Will the new forms of technology further widen the gap between rich and poor, or will they provide a lifelong education for all? Will women finally be empowered ? What can be done to fight against global warming and the spread of desert areas ? Will wars be fought over water ? Will solar energy be harnessed ? Can an African economic miracle be expected ? In a world where problems tend to become global, what global solutions can be offered ? How can the world exchange a culture of violence for one of peace ? Will it be able to replace the tyranny of urgency for an ethic of the future ? Will the twenty-first century be a more humane era ?
Un Monde Nouveau clarifies the major issues that must be addressed in the future and proposes a fresh start, based on four contracts — social, natural, cultural and ethical. Clearly the message is: “Don’t expect anything from the twenty-first century; the twenty-first century expects everything from you.”
Federico Mayor is the director-general of UNESCO. He was formerly Spain’s Minister of Education and Science, rector of the University of Granada, and a representative in the European Parliament.
Jérôme Bindé directs the Analysis and Forecasting Office at UNESCO. A graduate of the Ecole Normal Supérieure and holder of the agrégation, he was formerly a lecturer at the Ecole Polytechnique.