Éric Giuily

A Question of Spin Winning Strategies, Losing Strategies Publication date : August 25, 2011

Eric Giuily headed several major French enterprises, including Pathé, France 2 television, CGM, SNCM and AFP, before presiding over Publicis Consultants (2001 to 2008), which he developed into the most important corporate communications network in France. In 2009, he launched his own consulting firm for institutional communications strategy, CLAI.

What if professional communications obeyed certain specific rules and methods? That is what Eric Giuily shows here through a multitude of examples of fiascos and successes that he has encountered and dealt with in the course of his career.
Based on numerous cases that made headlines over the past 30 years (company mergers and structural changes, controversies involving Bernard Kouchner and Eric Woerth, reforms concerning pensions and hiring policies for school-leavers), Giuily demonstrates the benefits that accrue if communications strategies and techniques are respected — and the price to be paid if they are neglected. He reveals the six indispensable keys that will open doors for anyone who wishes and needs to communicate in order to act.

• A number of recent controversies, at the heart of political and financial current events, deciphered by an expert.
• Accessible techniques and methods for leaders, communicators and students.