Daniel Sibony

A Radical Love Belief and Identity Publication date : May 2, 2018

Daniel Sibony, born in Morocco, whose native language is Arabic, has direct access to the Foundational Texts. A psychoanalyst, he has published many books, including Le Grand Malentendu. Islam, Israël, Occident, and Un certain “vivre-ensemble.” Musulmans et juifs dans le monde arabe.
Continuing his reflection on “religion shock,” Daniel Sibony in this book looks at the place given to love, to the imperative of love of one’s fellow man, and of humanity in general, in the three great monotheisms: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The goal is not to apply the Christian precept of love of one’s neighbor to the other religions, but to raise the non-denominational, one might say rational, question of love: what does Islam teach us about human love?

Daniel Sibony’s analysis is unique: it consists of applying key notions in psychoanalysis, such as repression, denial, fantasy, impulses, to religions. The work carried out is thus a psychanalysis of religions. And the results revealed enable us to cast a new look on current issues, such as terrorism or fundamentalism, as well as on the past history of the coexistence of religions, on tolerance, on the status of Jews and Christians in Islam.