Michèle Lachowsky

The Ages of Womanhood Publication date : May 25, 2005

  Based on the testimonials, revelations and stories of hundreds of patients who have come to her gynaecological consultancy, Michèle Lachowsky relates how women talk about their femininity, how they imagine it, and how they experience it. She shows how such significant events in a woman’s life as puberty, pregnancy and menopause are accompanied not only by obvious external signs, but also by intimate sensations and internal changes, which could in another context escape notice.
What really happens when a woman consults a gynaecologist? What do women say to their gynaecologist? What do they want?
Written by a medical practitioner who is also a talented writer, this incisive book tells us how women see themselves. The author analyses the gynaecologist-patient relationship, which is unlike any other doctor-patient relationship. Her long professional experience gives authority to her insights into sex, love, life and birth.

Michèle Lachowsky is a gynaecologist working in Paris.