Hervé de Carmoy

The Bank of the 21st Century USA, Great Britain, Japan, France Publication date : November 1, 1995

This past decade has seen a profound modification of the banking environment due to technological mutations and a globalization of economy. What is the future of one of the oldest trades in the world, the money trade? What will tomorrow's bank look like?Hervé de Carmoy gives a thorough account of the recent banking evolutions in the United States, in London, in Japan, as well as in countries in full expansion, such as China. He takes stock of the setting up of bank industry in France. He questions the impact of drug money on financial circulation and diagnoses the emergence of a new banking model, the "Dividend-Bank", centered around transparence, rigour, profit and the obsession with clients.

Former administrator-in-chief of the Midland Bank in London, Hervé de Carmoy is currently chairman of the BIMP. He is the author of "Banking Strategy".