Pierre Lévy

Cyberculture Report of the European Council Publication date : November 1, 1997

What is cyberculture? What are the social and cultural implications behind this technical phenomenon? Could it be held responsible for altering our relationship to knowledge? What changes will the advent of cyberculture lead to in the fields of education and professional training? What are the new artistic forms that have emerged, related to computers and the web? How has the development of cyberspace affected urban space and territorial organisation? What are the cultural implications of the new technologies? These are some of the questions addressed in Cyberculture, which covers such aspects of new technology as numerisation, navigation, memory, programming, software, virtual reality, multimedia, interactivity, and electronic mail. Written for the non-power user, this is a clear, complete and highly accessible presentation of new technologies, their uses and future stakes.

Pierre Lévy is a philosopher who teaches at the University of Paris-VIII, in the hypermedia department.