Jacques Lesourne

The Future of Democracy, Markets and Governance Publication date : September 27, 2004

What are the prospects for democracy today? Is the universal spread of democracy the most probable hypothesis? These are the questions that Jacques Lesourne asks, at a time when the United States is attempting to institute democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq, and while the gap between Western European political systems and the traditional model of parliamentary democracy is widening.
Because politics and economics are so closely linked, the study of political systems cannot be dissociated from the close examination of the economic order. And the proclamation that a democratic government has triumphed in no way guarantees the future of the market.
Globalisation, brought about by technological progress in transportation and communication, has made humanity face a new challenge: that of regulating a complex system in which many States and participants intervene. This challenge can be simply called governance.
These three aspects — democracy, markets and governance — are the essential triad of our time.

Jacques Lesourne is a former publisher of the French daily Le Monde and has taught economics and industrial statistics at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM). He is the author of Vérités et mensonges sur le chômage, Le Modèle français: Grandeur et décadence and Ces Avenirs qui n’ont pas eu lieu, and the co-author, with A. Orléan and B. Walliser, of Leçons de microéconomie évolutionniste.