Alain Cassourra

The Wounds of the Soul When energy opens the way to healing Publication date : May 25, 2022

Alain Cassourra is a doctor, osteopath and teaching fellow at the Faculté de Médecine Paris XIII. He is the author of L’Energie, l’émotion de la pensée au bout des doigts. Au-delà de l’ostéopathie (2010) and La Fureur de guérir (2014).

What are the boundaries of care and osteopathic care? Beyond the ills of the body, can osteopathy treat the wounds of the soul?
The fine sense of touch in osteopathy allows to explore complex areas, where unresolved psychological pain is expressed physically. This may be linked to a past forgotten traumatic experience, or trauma passed down from generation to generation.
Dr Cassourra’s approach aims to address everything that the body memorises, through other means than those traditionally used in talk therapy.
By starting from the body, you can harness energy. And by harnessing this energy, you can access other dimensions. This approach takes a step further in the patient’s overall care, the understanding of their wounds, the treating their trauma and resilience.
The author invites the reader to join a work group over a number of seminars and follow several patients’ journey to healing. He shows how osteopathy reveals the physical, as well as energetic, aspects of the body. This gives rise to a more open form of medicine, that sheds light on the link between the body and the psyche, while questioning the mysteries of the human soul.