Lionel Coudron

Yoga Therapy:Breaking Free from Anxiety and Panic Publication date : August 28, 2016

Lionel Coudron is a physician and yoga teacher with 30 years’ experience. He is Director of the Institute of Yoga Therapy. He is well known as the author of two major successes: Le Yoga. Bien vivre ses emotions (Yoga — Living Well with your Feelings) and La Yoga-Thérapie (Yoga Therapy).

Corinne Miévilie is a yoga teacher, working alongside Lionel Cordon at the Institute of Yoga Therapy.

Yoga as a means of mastering anxiety
Anxiety manifests itself in many ways, with differing effects from one individual to another. Flying, public speaking, keeping everything constantly under control and not leaving anything to chance… When anxiety takes too much space, when it affects everyday life and relationships, with serious consequences, it is time to take back control.

Yoga has proven benefits to health, as we have known for centuries. It has particularly positive affects on anxiety, as is widely recognized, and its benefits have been confirmed by scientific trials. By acting at psychological, psychic and emotional levels upon different parts of the body, yoga exercises — movement, breathing, meditation, relaxation — allow us to work on letting go, easing tension, and calm our mental state. Practising yoga gives everyone an effective tool, easily adopted, to control anxiety and its physical manifestations and to regain the upper hand over anxious thoughts. Complemented with other advice on the broader topic of a healthy lifestyle, rediscovering inner peace becomes possible.