Lionel Coudron

Yoga Therapy:Managing Pain About fibromyalgia syndrome Publication date : August 24, 2016

Lionel Coudron is a physician and yoga teacher with 30 years’ experience. He is Director of the Institute of Yoga Therapy. He is well known as the author of two major successes: Le Yoga. Bien vivre ses emotions (Yoga — Living Well with your Feelings) and La Yoga-Thérapie (Yoga Therapy).

Corinne Miévilie is a yoga teacher, working alongside Lionel Cordon at the Institute of Yoga Therapy.

The power of yoga in finding a better quality of life

Fibromyalgia is a poorly-understood syndrome. Sufferers endure intense muscle pain and chronic fatigue as part of their daily lives. But as this disease, auto-immune in origin, is not fully recognised, it is rarely taken into account — or, if it is, it is poorly treated. How, then, do we ease the pain of variable intensity that profoundly affects daily life, sleep habits and general quality of life?

Yogatherapy consists of applying yoga specifically to health issues. By acting at psychological, psychic and emotional levels upon different parts of the body, the practice of yoga is particularly effective for dealing with body pain. Yoga exercises — movement, breathing, meditation, relaxation — along with life-hygiene and nutrition advice act to diminish pain, ease the mental state and to gently prepare to face a return to physical effort.

A response that does not replace conventional treatment but that brings a sense of well-being to daily life.