Lionel Coudron, Corinne Miéville

Yoga Therapy:Treating High Blood Pressure Publication date : May 20, 2014

Lionel Coudron is a physician, a yoga teacher with 30 years’ experience, and the director of the Yoga Therapy Institute. He is the author of the highly successful Le Yoga and Le Yoga-thérapie, both published by Editions Odile Jacob. He recently began writing a series of short practical works on using yoga to treat various health issues (stress, insomnia, digestive problems).
Corinne Miéville teaches yoga and trains yoga instructors, with Lionel Coudron, at the Yoga Therapy Institute.

High blood pressure is widespread, with millions of people taking medication to treat it. Various factors are to blame: stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, an overly salty diet, a sedentary lifestyle. But there is an alternative to medication to treat hypertension: yoga. Various studies have demonstrated that yoga can help lower blood pressure.
Yoga therapy consists in applying yoga specifically to health. It combines yoga exercises, which affect different parts of the body, with lifestyle guidelines.
This concise practical book offers a personalised ‘consultation’ that will enable readers to determine the causes of their problems and treat them naturally, actively and effectively.

• Step-by-step exercises and guidelines for a healthy lifestyle.
• The authors are renowned yoga teachers.
• This is the fourth book in the ‘Yoga Therapy’ series.