Joël Dehasse

An Intelligent Dog Also Does Stupid Things… Publication date : June 17, 2020

Joël Dehasse is a veterinarian who specializes in dog and cat behavior. As a clinician, he treats animals, gives lectures, and provides training. Internationally recognized for having developed a specialization in behavioral medicine throughout all Francophone countries, recipient of the FAFVAC Prize (Federation of French-speaking veterinarian Associations for companion animals), he is the founder of several international associations, and the author of many scientific books for the general public.
A dog is a reasonable and intelligent creature, capable of empathy, logical deduction, inference, and awareness. And yet a dog sometimes behaves rather stupidly…
Jack is a very intelligent Jack Russel terrier. He knows around a hundred words, and easily tells the difference between Elise’s and Jean’s keys. So why does he insist on urinating on chair legs when he knows very well that he shouldn’t?
Hell is a very funny fox terrier who performs circus tricks. Unfortunately, he has always hated other dogs. When he can’t attack them directly, he runs along the fence for hours on end, non-stop. Stupid, right?
Lola is a very energetic two-year-old Malinois. She is an easy and affectionate family pet, but attacks anyone she doesn’t know. Why does she cause such anxiety for her owners?
All dogs act a bit “crazy” now and then: they chase after bikes and cars, eat hors d’oeuvres when they’re left unattended, howl when someone plays the harmonica, try to bury a bone under a tile floor, attack their reflection in a mirror, catch imaginary flies… What are the situations that cause them to go crazy? And what can be done to shake them out of it?