Joël Dehasse

Change Your Dog’s Behaviour in Seven Days Publication date : September 20, 2012

Joël Dehasse is a behavioural veterinarian. A recognised expert in cat and dog behaviour, he is the author of numerous highly successful works, including Tout sur la psychologie du chat (Odile Jacob, 2005) and Tout sur la psychologie du chien (Odile Jacob, 2007).

Does your dog’s frequent barking cause problems with your neighbours? Does your dog gnaw at the living-room furniture? Does it claw at the door whenever there’s a storm? Does it soil the house when it is left alone? Does it bite people’s legs in the street? Is it constantly getting into fights with other dogs? Does it run after joggers? Does it chase cats?
Is there any dog that doesn’t display some of these behavioural problems? Does the perfect dog exist?
The vast majority of dogs have one if not more behavioural problems — to their masters’ chagrin. Yet most of the problems can be easily and quickly resolved.
How? Simply by following, step by step, the guidelines that Joël Dehasse has developed by drawing on dozens of clinical tests using thousands of dogs.

• The secret of this method’s unparalleled success lies in its careful mix of different techniques that are usually carried out separately.
• A simple method that requires neither a veterinarian’s assistance nor recourse to medication.
• A quick method whose success depends only on your assiduous application, for one week, of three or four easily comprehensible guiding principles adapted to your pet.