Claude Béata

Dog Psychology Stress, anxiety and depression Publication date : October 1, 2004

Many dogs suffer from such psychological problems as phobias, hyperactivity, separation anxiety and depression. This book recounts the stories of seven dogs, whose behaviour had become so erratic that their owners were on the verge of getting rid of them. Their veterinarian (the author) presents their stories as an investigation, taking the reader back to the origin of each disorder and then describing the form of therapy he used to enable each dog and its owner to cohabit in harmony.
Written in a lively, often humorous style, this practical book will help readers understand the emotional life and behaviour of dogs. The chapters are presented in the form of accessible stories interspersed with sidebars containing relatively more technical information.

Claude Béata is a behaviourist veterinarian and a member of the European College of Behaviourist Veterinarians. A specialist in emotional attachment, he is the co-author, with Boris Cyrulnik, of several interdisciplinary studies in comparative pathology.