Joël Dehasse

Everything You Need to Know About Cat Psychology New Edition 2019 Publication date : October 2, 2019

The author of the best-selling Tout sur la psychologie du chien [English?], a behavioralist veterinarian, specialist in dogs and cats, Joël Dehasse practices in Brussels.
Here, in a new, updated and expanded edition, is the guide that will tell you everything about the psychology of cats: what they sense and feel, what they like and dislike, what they do and don’t do.

By discovering what is going on in your pet’s head, you will better understand its often disconcerting behavior, its sometimes affectionate, sometimes indifferent or frankly aggressive reactions, its need for independence, and its desire for company, its moods and its life rhythms – in short, everything that makes your enigmatic feline unique and complex, but all too familiar.

To help you in this work of deciphering, there are three distinct and independent parts (living with a cat; the cat’s world; living happily with your cat), each divided into short and precise sections that can be read on their own, depending on your needs or interests, or which, read together, will provide you an unequaled knowledge of the psychology of your favorite pet, but also incomparable know-how.