Joël Dehasse

Everything You Need to Know About Dog Psychology New Edition 2019 Publication date : October 2, 2019

The author of the best-selling Tout sur la psychologie du chat [English?], a behavioralist veterinarian, specialist in dogs and cats, Joël Dehasse practices in Brussels.
Here, for the first time, is a guide that covers all aspects of the psychology of your dog. It deals with his instincts, but also his emotions, with his dietary needs, but also his moods, his sleep rhythms, but also his cognitive abilities. It explains clearly, but also precisely, what is going on in your animal’s head, and also what is at play, psychologically, in his various behaviors.

Whether you have a poodle or a German shepherd, a lively dog or a sleeper, one who loves yards or one who loves sofas, thanks to this guide you will learn everything about the needs, the wants, the personality, the feelings, and even the dreams of the one who is still, even today, man’s best friend.

To better understand your animal in every situation and love it better at different stages of his life.