Patrick Pageat

Humans and Dogs Publication date : March 4, 2010

How can you housetrain your dog? Teach it to live indoors, obey, walk on a leash? What should you do if your dog is constantly barking, or if it ruins everything in the house? Should you punish it? Can dogs be cured of such behaviour? Could your dog be depressed, anxious or stressed? Does a dog that bites have an inherently aggressive nature? What goes on inside a dog's head? How do dogs perceive us? Do they understand human language? Why do dogs become attached to humans?

• All the practical advice that you need to train and coach your dog.

• An indispensable book to learn how to establish a harmonious relationship between a happy dog-owner and a well-balanced dog.

Patrick Pageat, a veterinarian and ethologist, is the founder of the French School of Dog Behaviour.