Patrick Pageat

Man and his Dog Publication date : May 1, 2006

How can you teach your dog to live in the house, to obey, to walk on a lead, to be clean ? What should you do if he constantly barks or if he destroys everything in the house ? Should you punish him ? Can this be cured ? What if he is depressed, anxious or stressed ? Is a dog who bites “aggressive by nature” ? What goes on in a dog’s head ? How can we understand him, and how much does he understand of our language ? Why do dogs become attached to humans ? A book which provides practical advice in training and educating your dog, in addition to being an indispensable tool for a harmonious relationship between a happy master and a well-adjusted dog.

A vet and ethologist, Patrick Pageat is the founder of the French School for the Behaviour of Dogs.