Willy Pasini

Big Bores Publication date : February 25, 2010

Does your best friend never seem to overcome any of her problems? Does your boss seem overly anxious? Has your partner decreed that he is totally inadequate? Even though you may believe that life is wonderful and uncomplicated, you're probably finding it difficult to ward off the general feeling of gloom. To help you overcome the negative feelings that surround you, Willy Pasini analyses here the most common types of bores and suggests the best tactics to avoid being overwhelmed by them. You'll learn to reject their total negativity, to cut short their narcissistic outbursts, to neutralise spitefulness, to respond to stress without anxiety and even to avoid useless fights. You will finally learn how to live happily without hiding from others.

• “So this is Hell! It's the stressed-out partner who shares your life; it's your depressed mother, your paranoid doorman. Here are some strategies to help you put up with them without losing your morale.” Psychologies magazine

A psychiatrist, sexologist and psychotherapist, Willy Pasini is the author of more than fifteen highly successful books, including à quoi sert le couple? (1996), La Force du désir (1999) and, more recently, Le Couple Amoureux (2005).

His other works include Le Temps d'aimer (1997), Le Courage de changer (2001), Etre sûr de soi (2002), Les Nouveaux Comportements sexuels (2003), La Jalousie (2004), Les 7 avantages de la beauté (2006), Des hommes à aimer (2007), Les Amours infidèles (2008) and L'Intimité retrouvée (2009).