Philippe Conticini, Jacques Fricker

Eat Desserts Freely Pleasure Without Weight Gain Publication date : November 1, 1999

Highly unusual, delicious desserts, created by one of the most creative pastrycooks at work today. Easy-to-make desserts that open the way to creative improvisation. Light recipes: believe it or not, it is possible to eat marvellous desserts — made with real sugar and butter — without gaining weight. Jacques Fricker explains how you can stay in shape and eat your favourite desserts — without losing your figure or your health. In addition, sections on the history, geography and “biology” of desserts supply the curious reader a wealth of information.

Early in his career, Philippe Conticini was dubbed the “child prodigy of patisserie” and elected “pastrycook of the year”. He works for the Petrossian restaurants in Paris and New York.

Jacques Fricker is a nutritionist at the Hôpital Bichat, in Paris. He is the author of Le Guide du Bien Maigrir and Maigrir en Grande Forme.