Catherine Fructus

Hints, Tips and Tricks from Olden Days for Today: Beauty, Health, the Home Publication date : May 25, 2010

The best of traditional folk knowledge and some tried-and-tested but often forgotten tricks known by our grandmothers have been compiled here from interviews with elderly people and from antiquarian works. The information thus gleaned covers the healthcare and beauty secrets as well as the housekeeping tips that were passed down over the ages from mothers to daughters. Underlying the now-fashionable revival of our folk heritage is a simple goal: to enable all of us to rediscover the simple gestures of our ancestors — gestures that are both economically and ecologically friendly — and to teach us how to make our own products (creams, unguents), whether to relieve minor aches and pains or to aid in housekeeping. To do so we need to learn about a few basic ingredients, such as essential oils, and, most importantly, to discover the unique pleasure of making something that is good for us and for the environment. The products described here are 100% natural, easy to use, inexpensive (a real boon in times of economic crisis) and they actually work!

• For lovers of authenticity who wish to save money while helping to save the environment: 615 simple hints, tips and tricks for everyday life.

• The pleasure of taking charge and making your own products.

• This book responds to a widespread demand for a return to authenticity and traditional ways.

• The author has gathered a wealth of traditional folk knowledge. She gives us here the essentials of our collective memory to help us lead better, healthier lives.

A lawyer by training, Catherine Fructus is an entrepreneur who has transformed her interest in traditional folk knowledge into a profession. Her company distributes goods that are produced using traditional methods.