Dominique-Adèle Cassuto

What’s for Dinner? Teen Nutrition, from A to Z Publication date : June 20, 2013

Dominique-Adèle Cassuto is an endocrinologist and nutritionist, specialising in childhood and teenage eating disorders at Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, in Paris. She’s the author of C’est trop bon: la forme en 200 recettes (Hachette, 2003) and Ma fille se trouve trop ronde (Albin Michel, 2005).

Clichés abound concerning teenage eating habits: teens eat poorly, they hate vegetables, they snack constantly, consume too many soft drinks and an increasing amount of alcohol, they only like fast food, they are couch potatoes, they hate family meals, etc.
In an effort to affirm their identity, teenagers swing back and forth between regressive and creative phases. These swings explain their sudden feelings of revulsion toward certain foods, their occasional preference for comfort foods, or their experimentation with new eating experiences. What they are trying to do is invent their own eating habits to signal their difference from the adult world.
Organised in alphabetical order and backed by sociological and psychological information gleaned by the author in her daily work with teenagers, this book aims to help teenagers and their parents understand and choose the best nutrition for their wellbeing — but without conforming to any rigid norms.

• A clear message: eating properly, or just eating, can be a step toward feeling well adjusted.
• Complete, detailed information, for parents and teenagers.
• Teenagers are amply quoted on each subject dealt with here.