Marielle de Béchillon

A Guide to Adoption Publication date : May 1, 2001

This is a practical guidebook for anyone who is considering adopting a minor, either in France or abroad.
Its goals and special features:
- Written by a paediatrician and a legal expert, the book offers thorough and complete information on adoption procedures — something which no other book or institutional structure provides at the moment.
- It warns readers of the risks that may be incurred in adoption. As regards medical risks, it informs them about the most common health problems encountered among children adopted abroad, and gives advice on what to do if there are doubts about a child’s family background or age, for example. In the legal sphere, it shows how to get around the traps and blind alleys of the ever-changing adoption laws both in France and abroad (many people ignore the fact that Islamic law is opposed to adoption and that most Muslim countries forbid it).
- This book will allow prospective adoptive parents to weigh the feasibility of their project. The authors do not hesitate to give their opinion, because adoption is a deep and lasting commitment, and the problems that may arise should never be underestimated.

The personal histories, surveys, statistics, analyses and advice provided here will help prospective adoptive parents to re-examine their decision, obtain precise information on the child’s health, and acquire the necessary legal knowledge to avoid all risk of failure.

Marielle de Béchillon is a lecturer in law at the University of Pau, France. Jean-Jacques Choulot is head of paediatrics at the Hôpital de Pau.