Brigitte Thévenot, Aldo Naouri

All About Children Publication date : January 22, 2009

The life of a young infant is made up of six key moments — birth, then being fed, carried, bathed, played with, and spoken to — and each moment is characterised by specific skills, needs and behaviour. Specialists know all this, but the information has not yet trickled down to the average family. And yet a child's future depends to a large extent on the success of these early steps in life.

This book tells parents what to do to succeed. Brigitte Thévenot and Dr. Aldo Naouri have asked a number of eminent experts in child development to explain what every parent should know about the first three years of a child's life. The result is this useful book, which will help parents give their children a better upbringing and more love, without fear or hesitation.

The authors provide an accessible picture of the crucial moments in child development, from birth to three years. They offer concrete advice to enable parents to understand and meet their child's needs.

Brigitte Thévenot is a journalist and documentary filmmaker.

Aldo Naouri is a renowned paediatrician. His works include Les Filles et leurs Mères, Le Couple et l'Enfant and, more recently, Eduquer ses enfants.