Pascale This

Handbook for Women Over 40 The Right Choices and the Best Treatments Publication date : May 16, 2007

How can women make the most of their lives after 40?
To answer this question Pascale This addresses the following issues:

•After the age of 40, should a woman adopt new methods of contraception? Could she still envisage becoming pregnant?
•Should she begin hormone replace therapy or non-hormonal treatments — or not take any form of treatment at all?
•What is the profile of a woman who is at greater risk of developing breast cancer? What types of breast examinations are recommended?
•What are the effects of the anti-hormonal treatments that are frequently prescribed following breast cancer?

This book is for all women who wish to find solutions to their problems and to make the best possible health choices. Because women participate increasingly, with their doctors, in making decisions that affect their health and the quality of their lives they need to be well informed. They must understand the advantages, disadvantages and unknowns of the available treatments. They should also consider the position they wish to take regarding sexuality, fertility, risk-taking and disease.
Pascale This examines a number of simple and complex gynaecological situations that concern many women, and which she presents here in the form of personal accounts. She then offers a series of adapted, reliable and medically up-to-date responses that will enable women to make reasoned, informed choices. Also included here is an assessment of the latest breast-cancer treatments.

The book’s interactive question-and-answer approach focuses on women’s actual concerns. Each reader will find answers to her own questions concerning such issues as contraception, menopause, and the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. By examining all the available choices, the author establishes criteria that will enable each woman to make the best decision for her own situation.

Pascale This is a gynaecologist-endocrinologist at the Institut Curie and at Hôpital André-Mignot, in Versailles. She also works at the Centres de Lutte Contre le Cancer (centres to fight cancer).